How To Choose The Right Shutter Options

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Choosing the right options will have huge impact on how you feel about  your shutters for years to come…

So choose wisely.

It also has a significant impact on what you pay, so it’s important to understand what’s available and the purpose it serves.

Below is an excellent video that was created by 3 Blind Mice in the US that shows a visual representation of the options.

While the video provides a visual representation, make sure you review the summary below as it helps to add perspective to the various options so you can apply it to your unique situation.

Louver size:

Choose the size of your lover to match your room decor. The larger louvers will restrict more light when closed while providing more visibility. They will however require deeper window frames. Consider smaller louvers for smaller rooms and shallower frames.

Tilt Rod:

Mouse holes at the top of the shutter allows you to shut the louvers in the upward position without any light penetrating. If you wish to lock the louver  in the opposite direction with this style of of mouse hole, there will a gap unless there’s a second mouse hole in the bottom. This is the traditional method so make sure you check.

Consider moving the placement of the Tilt Rod to the sides of the shutter if you wish a cleaner look. Hidden metal Tilt Rods mounted in the back of the shutter are virtually invisible but will increase the cost of the shutter. Check out both options on your window before deciding.

Mid (Tilt) Rail:

If you wish to have the flexibility of opening the top half of the window for light but leaving the bottom half closed of privacy, you should consider installing a Mid Rail. You can decide how to split based on your situation. This is an excellent choice for dining or family rooms when you don’t want neighbors peeking into your home. Especially while you’re sitting for dinner or watching TV. Also ideal for large bathroom windows above the tub.


Most suppliers offer different frames styles. Since most newer homes already have decorative trims we usually recommend a plain frame that doesn’t compete with the trim. In most cases the frames are deep enough so the trim is not required.


The most popular choice is white or off white to match the shutter, but stainless steel and brass options are also available. We recommend sticking to a colour that matched the shutter so they’re virtually invisible.

Single / Double Panel:

Double panels are recommended for larger windows and single panel for smaller. Your consultant will usually be able to help you with this decision.


Single panels usually open from middle but in some situations a bi-fold is necessary due to space restriction at one side of the window. Bi-fold stiles are also popular for patio door shutters to conserve space. They may also be necessary if you have crank style windows and you need to avoid the mechanism.

Double Hung:

When you have a restriction or need to be able to open the top half and leave the bottom half you should consider a Double Hung configuration. You should also consider a middle rail as it is lower cost.

Cafe Style:

This style is usually ideal for ground floor apartments or areas where you want to keep closed for privacy or security while leaving the top open.

I hope that the above information helps you to make a more informed choice but I strongly suggest that you take advantage of an in home consultation with an expert who will be able to guide you. You will also have the opportunity to see the shutters on your own windows.

Just because you liked the look of a particular style of window or option on a friend’s window does not mean that it will look good on yours, so take advantage of our mobile showroom to experience the various options in your own home.