How to decide which shutter style is ideal for your home

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Choosing the style of shutter is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners.

Most homeowners choose their window shutter style based on what they think looks best on the window the window that the sample was placed on.

While this is a safe way to choose it might be the best if you are trying to get the best value for your investment.

Here are questions you should consider before selecting your shutter style.

Do you need to increase privacy from neighbors?
Do you need to insulate against sound, heat or cold?

Is the outdoor view an important feature of your room?
Is the room small… so you need to make it look as open and inviting?

Do you need to make a large room look more cozy and intimate.

There are many different styles of interior window shutters but the most popular are Traditional, Plantation and California Shutters.

Each style has specific characteristics so it’s best to understand the benefits before making a decision.

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Traditional Shutters

They are constructed from 3/4 inch thick panels using a narrow 1-1/4 inch movable louvers. They are the narrowest of the three styles and create a traditional look and provide more effective control of light, with the option to open the top half of the window, the bottom half or both.

They do not provide the same insulation against the heat or cold as large shutters.

Ideal when you need to make a smaller room look bigger because of the smaller louvers. Very elegant.

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California Shutters

The California shutters refers to the simple and elegant design of Plantation shutters but are actually slightly slimmer in width. In other words the cross slats of the shutters are about 2-3/8″ width. They suit traditional and contemporary decor equally well.

California shutters will help you save on your energy bills in the summer.

Ideal balance between the smaller Traditional shutters and the wider Plantation shutters. Good insulation as well as visibility.

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Plantation Shutters

plantation-shutters3The Plantation style is created using lovers widths ranging from 2.5″ – 4.5″. They are the widest of the three styles and offer more visibility than the other two styles. They were influences by the old Southern plantation estate mansions. When closed these shutters provide and extra layer of insulation against cold as well as the glare of the hot sun.

More visibility than California shutters with excellent insulating capability.

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Oceanview Shutters

More commonly referred to as hurricane shutters these interior shutters can actually provide an aesthetic quality to your home.

They are simple to use and you will be able to keep more of the cold air out in the winter with the shutters closed and block the strong sun’s heat from penetrating your home in the summer.

Great for situations where you want to maximize visibility while providing the flexibility to restrict sunlight when necessary. Excellent insulating capability.

Combination Shutters

These shutters combine the room darkening characteristics of the solid panel with the, functionality and light control of our movable louvered shutters. The decorative raised panels within traditional louvered shutters are often used on ground floor for unmatched privacy.

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