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One of the most popular questions we get today is what are the benefits of wood vs. vinyl shutters.

If the price were the same most people would choose wood over vinyl because of the look and feel. There are a number of different material options today, but the main objective is to achieve the same look and feel of a wood shutters… at a lower price.

For Canadians today, the cost savings of vinyl shutters may not be realized because most of the vinyl products are manufactured overseas, so they are impacted by the high US exchange rate.

There are however some distinct advantages to both products because of their chemical composition.

Wood Shutters

Wood is very staple in temperature extremes (heat and cold), so they will maintain their integrity without warping. They are therefore ideal for locations that are subjected to direct sunlight. They are also ideal for areas subjected to extreme cold.

Wood can however be affected by moisture especially it it is heated such as steam so they may not be ideal for bathroom windows that are subjected to moisture.

Wood shutters can be painted or stained and can be refinished as frequently as necessary. They also tend to maintain their integrity over a long period of time without cracking or chipping and are fairly easy to repair if they do.

We use a lightweight poplar for our shutters that are painted and basswood for shutters that need to be stained. Basswood shutters are more expensive than poplar.

Vinyl Shutters

There are a wide variety of vinyl shutters being manufactured today. Some are hollow to reduce cost as well as the solid versions that simulate the feel of wood. Because our current Canadian is so low, it make more sense for Canadians to stick with solid wood over solid vinyl, since most vinyl products are manufactured outside of Canada.

Vinyl shutters are not adversely affected by moisture so they are good for bathrooms and damp areas. Some vinyls are however affected by extreme heat or cold so they will warp or crack, especially the hollow core versions. The more expensive composite versions will tolerate extreme conditions.

Vinyl shutters cannot be repainted and are not cost effective to repair so you should consider this when choosing.

We offer both quality Canadian made wood and vinyl shutters and will be happy to help you choose.

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