The 5 things you must-know to get a quote from any shutter company.

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To get pricing for your shutters project, you’ll need five key bits of information.

A good consultant can provide insightful information to save you money, so it’s wise to take advantage of the free in home consultation.

What you must know

1 st. – The Type (material)

There are many different types of shutters with the most popular being wood and vinyl.

If you are still undecided check out this helpful article “Wood vs. Vinyl Shutters Explained“

2 nd. – The Style (Traditional / Plantation / California / Oceanview)

Window shutter style can be the toughest decision as different manufacturers may have their own unique line or designation.

If you are still undecided, check out this helpful article describing the benefits of each style (Traditional, Plantation, California or Combination).

The following is a comprehensive chart of the styles we offer

3 rd.- The Finish (paint / stain)

White painted shutters are the most popular selection but you may also choose from a wide selection of colours or wood stain.

Please note that only wood shutters can be stained and will require a specific type of wood at a slightly higher cost.

4 th. – Mounting (inside / outside of frame)

Interior mounting is the standard process but it may require inserts at additional cost if the window frames are not deep enough.

Check out the information on measuring shutters to confirm that your frames are deep enough.

5 th. – Measurement (inches)

Accurate measurement is very important in calculating hardware cost so check out the following instructions on “How to measure your windows for shutters“

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To get the most out of an In-Home Consultation make sure you review this “Pre-Appointment Checklist“ it will save you time and money…
with any shutter company.