How to measure for interior shutters

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Measuring your windows for shutters is fairly simple once you understand a few basic principles.

Most shutters are mounted on the inside of the window frame and are referred to as inside mounts. Most window frames will accommodate inside mounts but some older homes have narrower jams that may require outside mounts.

We make every effort to install our shutters as inside mounts as they look cleaner and are less expensive.

Step 1. Measure The Inside Casing Depth

Measure the depth from the outside edge of the window jambs, not including any moldings, to the window frame itself. You may need a depth of up to 3-1/2” for California shutters, for example, or as little as 1-1/2” for smaller shutters.

If your casing depth is less than the depth of your chosen shutter style we can add a special insert to accommodate your style. Many older homes have shallower frames.

This measurement simply confirms that you have sufficient space for an inside mount without additional hardware.

Step 2. Measure The Frame Width

Measure the width inside the window frame. Your installer will take three measurements, but one is sufficient for the purpose of getting a quote.

Step 3. Measure The Frame Height

Measure the distance from top to bottom of the window frame for standard rectangular frames. For arched windows, take three measurements – one in the middle and one at each end.

Measuring Doors

Use the same process for doors as the shutters will also be inside mounted. Measure the height and width as well as the depth.