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DC Shutters is the most trusted place for custom high quality window shades in Toronto. These Window Shades help in protecting your interiors from sun damage and also are a must-haves in rooms that require additional privacy. They also make your homes energy efficient! Covering your windows with high-quality shades doesn’t mean you have to invest a lot of money. Offered in a variety of styles, these window treatments are known for their affordability.

When it comes to stand-alone window treatments, shades are a top choice. Their versatility allows you to pair them with other coverings or accessories. Roller shades are a top seller at DC Shutters. Their simple design makes them a versatile option for any space, and their easy-to-use functionality provides you with complete control of light and privacy. Below is a complete list of shades that we offer:

 Zebra Shades in Kitchener, Niagara, Toronto, ON by DC Shutters


Zebra shades are a great addition to your living room! These shades allow you to adjust the natural light levels by simply pulling on the chain, and by cracking slightly it allows very little light into the room.

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DC Shutters - Roman Shades in Brampton, Kitchener, Oshawa, ON


Are you looking to save money while still covering your windows with high quality shades? You can’t go wrong with our selection of roller shades. DC Custom Shutters roller shades are available in light filtering, blackout vinyl, and blackout fabric varieties, while our premium models carry a higher price tag but feature more options, including more colour choices and more texture choices (polyester blend or premium woven wood).

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DC Shutters - High Lite Shades in Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Toronto, ON


High Lite Shades are contemporary and have a distinctive look that makes a statement. The revolutionary High Lite Shade adds personality to a room and the unique fabric combines the look and performance of traditional shutters and blinds with that of today’s modern roller shades. This remarkably modern and stylish shade maintains your privacy yet delivers outdoor views and offers UV protection and heat control. When lowered, the bands of sheer and opaque fabric will be staggered so you can enjoy complete privacy. Raise the shade completely to take in the outdoor view or position it anywhere in between for a custom look. High Lite Shades also functions like a venetian blind but also rolls up out of the way like a roller shade.

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Natural Shades by DC Shutters - Window Treatment in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, ON


Natural Shades, also known as Woven Wood Shades, have been around for decades and add a rich, warm feel and dimension to any room. You can let in the natural light or have them lined to add privacy in specific areas of your home where needed. Natural Shades are handcrafted from real natural wood fibres, grass cloth, jutes, reeds, bamboo and they provide a striking combination of natural beauty, durability and functionality. Natural shades are just what you need to create a more inviting atmosphere, making you feel more at home in your own living space.

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Sheer Shades in Niagara, Whitby, Toronto, ON by DC Shutters


Sheer shades are a premium shade with an elegant sheer overlay that softens light and adds a level of privacy. A soft fabric vane is wrapped in sheer linens and silks creating a silhouette style product. Sheer shades can be made vertically or horizontally. Their features include full light control and motorization. This product will add elegance to any room.

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Motorized Shades in Ajax, Oshawa, Toronto, ON by DC Shutters


Motorized shades deliver an unmatched blend of convenience and natural lighting control at the touch of a button and are window coverings answer to the demand to make everything in homes smarter, easier and more convenient. Motorized shades raise and lower via a motor, which means you don’t have to fuss with lift cords, chains, or even cordless solutions. Instead, all you do is press a single button to raise or lower one, two, three shades, or you can even raise rows of shades in seconds. Smart homes that are partially or fully automated are becoming a reality for more and more homeowners.

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Sun Shades in Brampton, Oshawa, Toronto, ON by DC Shutters


Sun Shades are ideal for home theatre rooms and offices, as these window coverings eliminate glare on televisions, computer screens, tablets and phones. Sun Shades block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which is healthy for the whole family while also preventing fading and damage from direct sunlight to your furniture.

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DC Shutters - Honeycomb Shades in Whitby, Brampton, Oshawa, ON


Honeycomb shades are insulating cellular window shades that come in different kinds of fabric and different types of shades, which is folded into a large number of honeycomb-like cells. Any homeowner who is looking for a sophisticated interior can go for honeycomb shades. The best part about these shades is their versatility. The insulating property of these shades allows you to keep your house cool during summers and warm during winters.

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DC Shutters - Roman Shades in Whitby, Brampton, Oshawa, ON


Different types of full-length draperies can certainly add drama and elegance to a room. But sometimes you need a clean, streamlined look at the window, especially if space is limited. Installing Roman Shades in your home will add the drama and elegance you are looking for in every room. Roman Shades are known for their soft, modern polish they bring to any room and in their basic form, Roman shades are simply fabric window coverings that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord system and rings sewn on the back of the fabric. When they are raised, the fabric stacks evenly in horizontal folds.

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We offer roller shades in light filtering, blackout vinyl, and blackout fabric, in addition to a wide selection of colour and texture choices.

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